Geiger creating Business to Business Sales & Marketing course at UW-Madison

​(January 2019) – After a successful introduction of a Sports Marketing course for the  Marketing Department at the Wisconsin School of Business in Madison, Doak Geiger  has been asked to develop a new course for the Spring 2019 semester. He will be creating a course in Business-to-Business Sales & Marketing, focusing on how businesses market their products and services to other businesses.  He will be responsible for the development of course content, selecting all materials, arranging for external activities with business organizations and presenters, and instructing the course during the semester.
The course will focus on real world application and current methods used by B2B Marketers, with examples and insights provided by numerous practitioners. There will also be a group project assignment where student groups will prepare a complete B2B marketing plan for active organizations and present the plan to the organization executives at semester end.  The development of effective communication skills, both written and oral will be emphasized through class presentations and written assignments

These activities provide an opportunity  for students to actually work on and implement marketing and sales activities in the B2B sector, and learn practical skills to help them in their future studies and work careers.

Sports Marketing course at UW-Madison

​(August 2017) Doak Geiger will be creating a course in Sports Marketing, the first of its kind in the school of business. He will be responsible for the development of course content, selecting the text and all materials, arranging for external activities with sports organizations, and instructing the course during the Fall and Spring 2017 semesters.
The course will focus on providing students with an overview of the structure of the sports industry, with emphasis on real world application of marketing in sports.  Attention will be given to the issues facing sport organizations and to the use of marketing techniques to solve business-related problems.  The development of effective communication skills, both written and oral will be emphasized through class presentations and written assignments
This course examines the Sports Marketing business and on appealing to the target audience in an increasingly competitive, fragmented and fast- moving market. Students will study current trends that may impact the future of Sports marketing, and what marketers are doing to address them. Guest experts will appear during the course, giving students a firsthand opportunity to ask questions of Sports marketing practitioners.
These practitioners provide a wealth of education for students, who have consistently rated the use of speakers high on previous course evaluations.

Geiger selected as Start Up Mentor

(September 2016) Doak Geiger has been asked and accepted an opportunity to serve as a mentor for gener8tor in Milwaukee and Madison. He will be available to assist startups in Marketing and other issues. With his years of teaching college courses in Marketing, Sales, and Strategic Planning, along with his work experience as an entrepreneur and Marketing consultant, he hopes to help others with professional services and advice as they begin their organizations. 
gener8tor is a nationally ranked accelerator that invests in high-growth startups. Twice a year they select five startups who receive advice and mentoring during a 12-week accelerator program. gener8tor supports the growth of these startups through a network of experienced mentors, technologists, corporate partners, angel investors and venture capitalists.

​Gener8tor Mentor Swarm
​(October 2019) Doak Geiger participated in the gener8tor Milwaukee Mentor Swarm program, creating conversations and advice for six gener8tor participants. Brief one-on-one meetings are conducted with start ups to determine their marketing plans and strategies with follow up conducted after initial review. Within 2 hours, participants had followed up and were developing actionable plans to enhance their marketing.

Gener8tor is a turnkey platform for the creative economy that connects startups, entrepreneurs, artists, investors, universities and corporations.

​​Geiger honored by YMCA

(October 2019) Doak Geiger received a Leadership Award on behalf of the Pabst Farms YMCA at the Fall Leadership Conference for the Wisconsin State Alliance of YMCAs. The Awards are given annually to volunteers demonstrating continuing excellence and dedication to providing superior leadership, and recognizes those for their commitment and dedication to the Y. 

The award recognized Doak’s passion for swimming and working with individuals with special needs to become a key volunteer coach with the Sharks Special Olympics Swim Team. And, over the last two school years, Doak has engaged the Y to work alongside students in the Sport Marketing Classes at UW-Madison, allowing them to have a real-life project and at the same time provide benefit to the Y.  The classes have given them valuable information and insight to help with their Swim Team, Riverfest Run, and evaluation of outdoor programming.