​​UWM B2B Marketing Students Work with local companies to develop Marketing Plan

Working with CMT Milwaukee on Event Marketing

(April 2016) Doak Geiger will be providing Event Marketing consulting services to a charity event to be held  at the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He will support the Walk for CMT, the second annual charity walk with consulting services to increase fundraising for CMT. In preparation for the October 1st walk at the Pettit Center, Geiger will provide the committee support on event planning, event marketing, budgeting and the development of fundraising strategies. 

​​Geiger to create Entertainment and Event Marketing course

(November 2015) – A Milwaukee area consultant has been asked to develop a new course for the Lubar Business School at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.  Doak Geiger will be responsible for development of a course in Entertainment and Event Marketing for the Business Scholars Program. The Business Scholars Program is a selective program that admits high-achieving students from all business majors. Activities will include development of course content, selecting the text, arranging for external activities with various event organizations, and instructing the course during the Spring 2016 semester.

 Events have been and continue to be a major component of offline marketing for both B2C and B2B organizations, and this class will address a current element of an organization’s marketing mix. This course examines the event marketing business and will focus on attracting the customer through various events in an increasingly competitive, fragmented and global market. Students will study current opportunities and threats facing entertainment properties and trends that may impact the future. Guest experts will appear during the course, giving students a firsthand opportunity to ask questions of event marketing practitioners. 

(October 2015) A UW-Milwaukee College of Business marketing class led by Doak Geiger, instructor in marketing, is receiving a real-world perspective on Business to Business Marketing.
Students are charged with a semester-long project of developing a marketing plan for select companies in the Southeast Wisconsin area. Companies participating this semester are: Process Retail Group, New Berlin, WI; MSI Data, Mequon, WI; Lakeland Supply, Waukesha, WI; American Roller Co, Union Grove, WI; and Experimac, Milwaukee, WI.
Companies initially gave an overview to the class, giving students a first-hand look at the information a company must have as it works to develop its plans. They also talked about issues that are unique to business-to-business marketing, such as the challenges of distribution, positioning, and learning about who makes the buying decisions in different kinds of markets.
Over  the course of the semester, students will analyze each company—including details on their current customer base, opportunities, target market, competition, and current marketing initiatives—and do their own further research to develop marketing recommendations.
"Projects like these give students a better understanding of how marketing fits into the business as a whole.”
At the end of the semester, companies will return to the classroom to view presentations from the students on their marketing plans, which will include a detailed plan for marketing activities and tactics.

"Connections like the one we have with these organizations really enhance what we’re able to do in the classroom,” said Geiger. “There is so much value in showing our students how marketing really functions in the workplace, and I hope that each company gets value from our students’ ideas as well.”

Sports Marketing course at UW-Madison

​(August 2017) Doak Geiger will be creating a course in Sports Marketing, the first of its kind in the school of business. He will be responsible for the development of course content, selecting the text and all materials, arranging for external activities with sports organizations, and instructing the course during the Fall and Spring 2017 semesters.
The course will focus on providing students with an overview of the structure of the sports industry, with emphasis on real world application of marketing in sports.  Attention will be given to the issues facing sport organizations and to the use of marketing techniques to solve business-related problems.  The development of effective communication skills, both written and oral will be emphasized through class presentations and written assignments
This course examines the Sports Marketing business and on appealing to the target audience in an increasingly competitive, fragmented and fast- moving market. Students will study current trends that may impact the future of Sports marketing, and what marketers are doing to address them. Guest experts will appear during the course, giving students a firsthand opportunity to ask questions of Sports marketing practitioners.
These practitioners provide a wealth of education for students, who have consistently rated the use of speakers high on previous course evaluations.

Geiger selected as Start Up Mentor

(September 2016) Doak Geiger has been asked and accepted an opportunity to serve as a mentor for gener8tor in Milwaukee and Madison. He will be available to assist startups in Marketing and other issues. With his years of teaching college courses in Marketing, Sales, and Strategic Planning, along with his work experience as an entrepreneur and Marketing consultant, he hopes to help others with professional services and advice as they begin their organizations. 
gener8tor is a nationally ranked accelerator that invests in high-growth startups. Twice a year they select five startups who receive advice and mentoring during a 12-week accelerator program. gener8tor supports the growth of these startups through a network of experienced mentors, technologists, corporate partners, angel investors and venture capitalists.