Geiger & Associates is a marketing services and strategic planning and consulting business with experience in working with a variety of corporations in various industries.

Doak Geiger is the Founder of Geiger & Associates. At Geiger & Associates, he has worked with organizations and properties in the development of strategic marketing plans, including selecting properties and events to target, tactics to provide, and execution of tactics.


We specialize in:

  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Event Management and Marketing
  • Sponsorship Evaluation and Opportunities
  • Marketing/Promotional Training
  • Meeting and Event Planning

Some comments from Geiger clients

" Doak provided needed considerations as we weigh out the options of an in-person event or an online event during these extraordinary times. He also outlined how different strategies can result in different goals.' - Senior Director

​" Working with Doak was a pleasure. He not only provided us with the requested deliverable, but also provided insight and coaching that will support our thinking on key message selection and development across our work. We are very appreciative of his guidance!" - Communications & Engagement Director, Copywriting Project

"  Thank you very much indeed for all the time and trouble you took to ensure that the weekend with our customers was a great success. I was appreciative of your work to ensure that everything ran smoothly and our customers were unanimous in their praise of the organization.... I think you realised the depth of relationships that we have with the majority of the customers on the trip and to those that were new we went a long way to build bridges." - Managing Director, International 

"Thanks to you and your team for all your ideas, your connections, your attention to detail and your patience in working with us. I know we got a late start on the event, but you would never have known that based on the results. Senior management was very pleased with the results, and we received nothing but positive feedback...." - Vice President, Marketing Communications, Financial Institution

"Thank you for all you did to make Summerfest such a successful experience for all of us!" - McNally Smith College (sponsor)


"Hey Guys - Not sure if you saw this or not, but I thought it was a real testament to the great job you guys did this year. Thanks again!" Star Power: Genius Insight's 25 Most-Liked Athletes Of '05 #9 Rusty Wallace - Greg Wallace


"Never in this sport has a major announcement been kept so secret, been handled so fairly and with such respect for the job we all have to do.Rusty has been fair to the media always....and the handling of this was another example of the professional people he has around him. It just seems that when we arrived we were treated not like a flock of people to be herded but as friends and almost associates of his and it was truly appreciated I know by many of us...me for one. To the team that helped pull this off it was first class all the way. It's the way I would want it done if I was Rusty. The fans have reacted extremely well to this and we had a pouring out of fans on XM who said good luck to Rusty and thought that he was truly a champ to do this the way he did." - Claire B. Lang, XM Satellite NASCAR Radio